A case of the diagnosis of the most popular four-c

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An example of the diagnosis of sticking dirt on four-color machine printed matter

after the cover of a book is printed by the four-color machine, the cover 2 and cover 3 are printed by the J2108 monochrome machine. Sometimes, when the back of a printed matter is a large field color block or a large area of shading, a strip of floating dirt nearly 2cm long sometimes appears on it, and the color of floating dirt is blue and red. In this case, we will have professional technicians to provide you with technical consulting services. Some operators often mistakenly believe that the printing products are not dry and the back is sticky due to the four-color machine. In fact, the export amount is US $25.574 million. However, when you check the unprinted paper on Feida, you will find that there is no dirty mark on the back of the paper. After careful observation of the dirt marks, I felt that the dirt marks were caused by pressure dragging from the picture and text color block on the front to the back, so I thought that the pressure of the brush wheel on the cardboard was too heavy. Turn the pressure down, and the dirt on the printed matter is really gone. This dirty mark is sometimes absent, mainly because some prints are dry and others are not, so it is easy to cause people's wrong judgment

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its filtering accuracy is generally 80---⑴ 50 mesh filter screen

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