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Tips: an example of maintenance of js2102 split double-sided offset press

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since the factory purchased the js2102 oil with too high viscosity, the two-sided offset printing machine has been in good operation and high efficiency, which has contributed to the printing of textbooks. Recently, the paper feeding part of the machine was abnormal, the start and stop were irregular, and the paper conveying was unstable, which brought trouble to the operation, affected the quality, caused paper loss, and reduced efficiency. Therefore, the captain asked for maintenance. Through Clean, debug, observe carefully, and confirm that it is the paper feeding clutch 6 According to the purpose of the experiment, it can be divided into: performance test fatigue experiment, influence coefficient fatigue experiment, control fatigue experiment, selection fatigue experiment, verification fatigue experiment, etc

first, check the magnetic control switch and the traction magnet. After passing the test, everything runs normally. After changing the clutch spring and the plane bearing in the sleeve, this phenomenon still occurs when starting the machine. After removing the shift fork, it was found that the head of the screw on the flat key was broken, which caused the flat key to be loosely fixed in the slot, resulting in looseness, abnormal clutch, startup and shutdown failure, and unstable paper conveying. By replacing the screw, trimming the leveling key, polishing the fork, cleaning up the dust, adjusting the spring pressure after installation, and starting the machine for trial printing, this instability is eliminated, the paper feeding is stable and normal, the paper loss is reduced, and the efficiency is improved

note: the screw head shall not exceed the flat key, otherwise the clutch fails

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