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introduction to the characteristics of Leeb hardness tester

shore and Leeb hardness are dynamic load test methods, but shore inspects the vertical height of the rebound of the impactor, so it is decided that the shore hardness durability tester should be used vertically, which is bound to cause great limitations in actual use; Richter's is different. Richter examines the rebound and impact speed of the impactor. Through speed correction, it can be used in any direction, which greatly facilitates the user. 2. Commonly used Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness testers Due to the large volume of the main structure engineering inspection, it is not convenient to use it on site. Especially 75% of Nike footwear and clothing products use recyclable materials, especially when it is necessary to test large and heavy workpieces. As the hardness tester workbench cannot be accommodated, it cannot be tested at all. The Leeb hardness tester does not need a workbench, and its hardness sensor is as small as a pen. It can be operated directly by hand. It can be easily detected for large and heavy workpieces or workpieces with complex geometric dimensions

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