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On January 26, China Plastics warehouse receipts HDPE market brief review

I. Market Overview:

today's crude oil callback did not affect the bullish trend of the market. HDPE main warehouse receipts opened low and fluctuated, intraday buying boosted the rise, and the late price closed sharply, resulting in a unilateral market. In terms of transaction, the order volume of HDPE warehouse receipts hit a new high today, but the trading volume contracted significantly. The buyer and the seller operated cautiously and dominated by many parties. In terms of the proportion of pending orders between buyers and sellers, today's frequent short-term operations are the main, the phenomenon of bilateral closing positions is common, and some new funds are settled. The HDPE index closed at 950.29 points today, up 7.01 points from the previous close. On the HDPE continuous chart, the positive entities were closed today, and the light-weight micro foaming and honeycomb materials will become another main force of lightweight. The 0-day moving average. The market will maintain the consolidation upward pattern. If the fundamentals cooperate, the possibility of aftermarket shocks will increase

II. Analysis of main varieties:

hd0703 today's order volume decreased slightly, and the transaction was basically flat compared with the reduced volume. On the daily K-line, the positive line entity is closed today, and the 10 day moving average is on; The KDJ index continues to rise and continue to rise. The MACD smooth moving average dif line shows signs of threading the DEA line. If there is no action after turning on the power, the green column disappears; On the 30 minute online view, the opening of BOL in the late trading was slightly tightened, the price line went down and stabilized, the K-line entity stepped up above the price line, and the KDJ index tended to switch and close manually and automatically. It is estimated that there is a need for shocks in the short term, and the aftermarket is beneficial to many parties

hd0704 the order volume increased slightly today, the transaction volume contracted, and the closing price rose by 146 yuan at the end of the day. The entities of Changyang line were closed on the daily K line and delivered to the 10 day moving average; The MACD smooth moving average dif line tends to cross the DEA line, the green column disappears, and the probability of aftermarket shocks increases; On the 30 minute line, the K-line entity moved up to the 5-day moving average in the late trading, and the trading center of the entity moved up slightly in the late trading. The KDJ index rose, and the moving average system was arranged in a long line. Taking a comprehensive view of various indicators, it is estimated that the possibility of short-term market consolidation and rise is greater

III. comprehensive comments:

on the fundamentals, WTI fell 1.14 to $54.23/barrel; The closing price of ethylene market in Asia is stable, CFR in Northeast Asia remains at, and CFR in Southeast Asia remains at; The ex factory price of domestic petrochemical enterprises is stable. On the whole, the buying in the warehouse receipt market is temporarily dominant. If the fundamentals are effectively coordinated, consolidation will be carried out in the short term, and there is a greater possibility of future market shock and rise

(personal view, for reference only; enter the market based on this, at your own risk)

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