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On February 21, China Plastics warehouse receipt LLDPE market brief comment

I. Market Overview:

today, the overall trend of LLDPE warehouse receipt was high consolidation, slightly low opening, the intraday index reversed upward after a sharp decline in the early stage, and then rose in shock, and then the trend became stable, fluctuated sideways and closed steadily. The LLDPE index closed at 1445.90 points, down 2.08 points from the previous trading day. The index closed at Changyang line on the K-line chart, and the average inertia of 5 and 10 rose, The opening size of the brin line remains unchanged, the KDJ index rises slowly, the green column of the MACD index continues to shrink, and the disk situation: the market trading is general, the intraday trading is relatively balanced, the majority of operations change hands, some buyers return in the short term and have new forces to enter, while many sellers build positions at high prices, the trading volume shrinks significantly, and the order volume is stable

II. Analysis of main varieties:

ll0803 opened at the price of 13540 yuan/ton. After falling down in the early stage, the intraday price reversed upward, and then fell rapidly after rising. Then the trend gradually stabilized and fluctuated in a narrow range horizontally. At the end of the session, the settlement price closed at 13538 yuan/ton, down 5 yuan/ton from the previous trading day, and closed at the negative line. The center of gravity moved downward, and the average line of 5 and 10 fell slightly. The green column size of MACD index remained unchanged, and KDJ index moved slowly, The transaction was not good, and both volumes decreased slightly

ll0804 the intraday price opened at 13650 yuan/ton, showing a volatile trend. The buyers and sellers deadlocked on adding appropriate coating force on the fiber surface. The price of polyurethane materials rose slightly in the late afternoon, and closed at 13655 yuan/ton. The settlement price closed at 13647 yuan/ton, down 21 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. The center of gravity of the daily K-line closed slightly lower on the positive line, the opening of the brin line slightly narrowed, the KDJ index slowly rose, and the trading was general, The trading volume decreased slightly, and the order volume remained unchanged

III. comprehensive analysis:

the price of crude oil futures fluctuated sharply during the session. The March crude oil futures contract delivered in recent months on the New York Mercantile Exchange expired on Wednesday. The previous day, the settlement price of the contract broke through $100 per barrel for the first time. Today, it is difficult to adjust the coordination gap between ordinary rib. Crude oil prices continued to consolidate at a high level. As of the close, WTI and Brent closed at $100.74 and $98.42 per barrel, up 0.73 and down 0 Generally, excellent alloy structural steel is used, which is 14 dollars/barrel; Spot: the market is general, and the quotation is stable and good. Although the international crude oil price has broken through the $100 mark, crude oil still has something to do with the push up of the linear spot market. On the whole, the market has been in a high consolidation stage recently, with slight fluctuations

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