A brief comment on the HDPE market of China Plasti

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On May 16, China Plastics warehouse receipt HDPE market brief comment

I. Market Overview different materials require different testing speeds:

today's China Plastics HDPE warehouse receipt market, high open, shock parallel. The HDPE index closed at 1159.25 points today, up 2.04 points year-on-year on the previous trading day, and the requirements for experimental conditions are not the same. In terms of transaction details, the trading volume is small, and the order volume is lower than that of the previous day. From a technical point of view, HD daily K-line chart closed at the short positive line; The entity moves up, and the five-day moving average rises, which is positive below the entity; KDJ index goes up, and the three lines converge and converge in parallel; Subject to overbought areas; The opening of the brin line is enlarged, and the price line is on the upper rail; MACD has an upward trend, and the red column is slightly smaller

III. comprehensive comments:

today, hd0806's main warehouse receipts opened high at 14200 yuan/ton, and the overall price trend opened high and went low, with flat fluctuations and enlarged trading volume. The closing price was 14220 yuan/ton, and the settlement price today was 14210 yuan/ton, up 25 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Technically, the daily K-line closed at the short solid line, and the five-day moving average rose, and was positive below the entity; KDJ index goes down, and the three lines gather and combine, which are all controlled in oversold areas

III. comprehensive comments:

basically, WTI crude oil fell by $0.10 to $124.12/barrel in New York commodity futures trading, and Brent crude oil fell by $0.38 to $122.63/barrel

the overall market of PE in China plastic city has stabilized and stepped into a high consolidation. On the one hand, resources continue to be tight, and the expected arrival volume of imports is relatively small; On the other hand, restricted by the high price, the annual production capacity of a total of 15million units has been achieved. In addition to purchasing on demand, there is no sign of large-scale production in downstream factories, resulting in sluggish effective demand and unsatisfactory transactions. Mainstream market price: LDPE: yuan/ton, alarm level can be set LLDPE: yuan/ton, HDPE: wire drawing material 14500 yuan/ton, plastic injection yuan/ton, film material yuan/ton, hollow material yuan/ton

the domestic PE market is not popular near the weekend, and the overall price is mainly stable. The quotation in North/East China PE market is relatively stable, and there are few transactions. The PE market in South China fell slightly today, and the ldpe/lldpe quotation fell slightly by 50-100 yuan/ton, with few transactions

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