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Colorful alien CD world

in the summer of 2001, our company cooperated with the trading company in Xigaze, Tibet, and jointly launched the first electronic ticket in China. This electronic ticket with novel shape and huge amount of information is sold at the same time in four major temples including the local tashilumbu temple, which brings a trace of fresh scientific and technological color to the ancient and mysterious Western Tantric culture, which can also display the information value, torque and time curve in the whole process of the experiment, and spreads the quiet and distant Buddhist culture to all parts of the world

while bringing back memories of Tibet, some tourists also saw other scenes they had not seen or experienced: vivid explanations about the historical origin of Shigatse, 360 of the positive face of Qiangba Buddha. Panoramic display (you know, we were chartered to enter the attic on the third floor to take photos), as well as panoramic photos of monks in their morning classes (calendar in the target scene, so that you seem to have integrated into them), etc

then, how did this picturesque "ticket" come out? First, we introduce the carrier of this "ticket"

it is not an ordinary picture album of paper media, nor an ordinary audio-visual tape, but a popular information carrier - optical disc if it is in the process of experiment. It is a new product derived from the mature stage of the computer industry. Its large capacity, strong artistic appeal of pictures, rich information performance, easy to carry and save, these advantages make the CD an excellent way to spread knowledge and update documents. Encyclopedias with rich content, enterprise publicity, game animation documents and materials, all rely on the batch replication and dissemination of CDs. How much paper, tape and film can this plastic medium product save

the shape of the disc is generally circular (with a diameter of 120mm), which can store 640MB of computer data, that is, it can store tens of thousands of pages of graphic materials and 70 minutes of VCD film and television programs (while the latest DVD technology has developed to 4, 7GB or 1 OGB). The CD we launched updates the shape of the ordinary CD, that is, the business card CD as shown in Figure 1

this kind of disc is to change the circle into a rectangle during the pressing process, that is, it is similar to the size of a business card or credit card (56mm x 86mm or 6ommmx 86mm). We call it a business card type disc. Although a certain amount of storage space was sacrificed (reduced from 640MB to 50MB), it was also loved by business people and tourists because of its novel style. Distinctive business card CD

1. The characteristics of business card CD

(1) it also plays an important role in the plastic processing industry. The size of business card CD (86mm x 60mm) determines that it can be conveniently placed in the business card folder

(2) easy operation: automatic playback, automatic connection to the company's station and mailbox, automatic installation and implementation of the company's screen saver,

(3) Multimedia: interactive multimedia video content, with good effect, which can be played automatically in sequence and switched instantly

(4) multi voice: it can integrate multiple versions of Chinese and English (or other languages) in one card and switch at any time

(5) compatibility: it is applicable to Win95, 98, NT and other system environments at the same time. Any ordinary CD-ROM drive can be played freely, and it can also be made into VCD format and played on any VCD machine

(6) decorative essence: the disc surface is beautifully printed: the shape and pattern of the disc can be freely created and designed

(7) high capacity: it can accommodate up to 200MB of multimedia data information, which can be used for company data storage, company image publicity and product introduction. The appearance is novel and unique, which can directly reflect the corporate image and corporate culture, which is conducive to the company's establishment of corporate image, extensive promotion and introduction of products, and expansion of sales channels

(8) anti theft version: the unique production means and high-tech production methods are difficult to imitate, which is the best solution for anti-theft version

(9) easy collection: it can be saved and collected as a gift for customers. Special shaped CDS can play an irreplaceable role in rendering and spreading text advertisements, so as to promote the promotion and sales of the company's products

2, comparative advantage

compared with traditional discs, business card discs have prominent advantages in the following three aspects

the first is modeling. Because it breaks through the circular appearance of the traditional optical disc, it can be placed together with credit cards, business cards, etc. it is light and short, has strong abrasion resistance, is convenient to carry, and has collection value

secondly, because it is small, it is not easy to break and easy to save

in addition, it is easy to identify. Compared with traditional discs, discs with special shapes are easy to remember and find

3, business card CD-ROM has a wide range of applications

for experts, scholars, professors, lecturers, designers and other professionals, giving this CD-ROM to each other as a business card saves the trouble of transferring information to each other: for enterprises, VI recognition means brand, through which they can at any time 3. Connect the power supply and security ground wire to publicize themselves: in addition, it can also be used as a membership card, Let members know your project or service at a glance

of course, smart businesses will not give up the opportunity to retain customers. For example, make customer training cards, popular clothing cards, personality constellation cards, game comics, etc. In the field of education, it is widely used. Such as enrollment cards, public management instructions, activity introduction cards, professional books, newspapers and books, etc. can be applied

there are also some people with advanced consciousness who burn their growth track, career chronology, private collections, etc. on business card CDs, which can be sent to new friends at any time. In the information age, you have various ways to show yourself! Also, your company name, address, logo, etc. can be loaded into the CD

market characteristics of special-shaped discs

multimedia special-shaped discs can cover film and television clips, music dubbing, photo graphics, cartoon animation, three-dimensional animation, artistic text and other multimedia methods you can imagine, and can make various sound and visual effects. In use,

has the characteristics of interactivity, initiative and collectability that traditional communication carriers do not have. Multimedia special-shaped CDs are widely used in corporate image publicity, commodity or project marketing, investment promotion, business exhibitions, policy publicity, training materials, knowledge education, product manuals, training demonstrations, data collection, all kinds of software, conference journals, games, gifts, gifts, festival greeting cards and personal portraits. They can also be made into tourist attractions, concerts Tickets and promotional materials for sports competitions and various large festivals (such as art festivals, tourism festivals, expositions, etc.)

multimedia special-shaped discs can be made into various shapes, such as rectangle, square, oval, heart, star, polygon, petal shape, physical shape, cartoon shape, jigsaw puzzle shape and other non-circular shapes, which can give full play to the imagination of designers, design colorful shapes, and realize all your magical dreams (see the colorful special-shaped disc display later),

if you are selling drinks, You might as well make the CD into the shape of a drink bottle; If you are a book seller, you can make the classic cartoon shape into a CD; If you are engaged in sports, you can visualize sports; If you sell jeeps, make a big cut

after conveying a beautiful visual image, the contents of the CD are sometimes ignored

production of special-shaped discs

first, estimate the size of the file to be copied. For CD-ROM, the minimum capacity can be controlled at 50MB, and the maximum capacity can be about 300MB. But if the capacity is too large, it is not easy to cut the desired shape. For example, our company once cut a five-star CD-ROM for Microsoft, with a capacity of 237mb. The CD-ROM looks like a starfish, wandering in the CD-ROM drive. The production steps are as follows:

(1) according to the normal size of the disc, draw the inner circle (small circle) line (diameter of 15-20mm) and outer circle line (diameter of 1 2omm) of the disc, as shown in Figure 2

(2) according to the contents of the file to be copied, calculate the boundary line (which must be circular) accounting for the size of the disc capacity, as shown in Figure 3

(3) carry out shape design between the boundary line and the edge line of the big circle of the disc. The special-shaped cutting line must be outside the red line. Pay attention to balance the center of gravity as far as possible, as shown in Figure 4

(4) after filling the contents of the disc, the disc is printed by offset printing, printing and other methods, and then the shape is cut after printing, that is, all kinds of special-shaped discs are made

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