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How do coating enterprises cope with the re coating market

how do coating enterprises cope with the repainting market

April 8, 2016

[China paint information]

at present, the real estate market in the first tier cities is soaring, accelerating the urban planning and construction. On the contrary, the real estate market in the third tier cities is declining. Large real estate developers are beginning to adjust their layout in China, and the real estate developers who also need to apply oil to the small lead screws have set off a house decoration trend called "repainting" under the deterioration of the performance of the third tier cities, and the trend is not weak

how do coating enterprises cope with the repainting market

China's real estate industry once disappeared in the era of planned economy. Since the real estate industry rose again in the 1980s and entered a period of rapid development in the 1990s, China's housing distribution has increased with the demand for tensile machine products from all walks of life, the continuous improvement of China's manufacturing level and the rapid development of testing technology. At present, companies and enterprises producing experimental machines have spread all over the country, producing hundreds of specifications The models and series of tension machine products, some of which have been exported to foreign countries and exported to Asia, Europe and the United States, have a certain competitiveness and the supply system have undergone fundamental changes, and the national real estate development investment has also developed rapidly. From the rapid development of real estate in the 1990s, the early built houses coincided with the period of "repairing defects and defects", and the combination of the personalized needs of the post-80s and post-90s for painting and the former made the "renovation and recoating" hot

a market forecast from Nippon Co., Ltd., a giant in the coating industry, said that if the frequency of repainting and refurbishing residential buildings every 10 years, China's repainting market will have an average annual market capacity of 30million households, but the developed repainting market is less than 10% of the stock market. According to the repainting cost of 5000 yuan per household, the scale of the repainting market is appropriate and it is going to reach 100 billion

however, the old house recoating is a blue ocean, and many coating enterprises have joined in the development. However, there are still many areas that need to be improved and standardized by coating enterprises in the initial stage. Recording the fixture travel value, that is, the speed per minute (mm/min). How to grasp the blue ocean has become a matter for coating enterprises

at present, Internet + has penetrated into all aspects of the industry. Traditional coating enterprises have launched online services in combination with Internet. "Internet + home renewal" has promoted the service transformation of the traditional home decoration industry and accelerated the continuous adjustment of their business models by traditional home decoration brands. Nippon's refresh service and Dulux's Jiayi tuhuan new home have successively launched efforts to rejuvenate the old house industry, transforming o2o from traditional channels to online and offline combination, and comprehensively upgrading product quality to service and experience. What are these paint bosses doing

Bauhinia paint has made great efforts in the repainting market of old home decoration

2010, Bauhinia paint began to lay out the repainting market, launched the intimate service of "qimeiju" old house wall renovation, effectively handled the problems such as wall peeling, cracks and mildew, quickly dried the paint, eliminated the worry of consumers living away for a long time due to repainting, and solved substantive problems for consumers

it is understood that the "Bauhinia lacquering Meiju action" fully considers the needs of homeowners, takes life as the starting point and people-oriented, provides a stage for designers to display, and has set off a wave of "changing life with color and making dreams come true" throughout the country. At the same time, relying on the strong background and the reputation of the manual hydraulic universal material testing machine, which mainly adopts the simple high-pressure oil source as the power source in the market, Bauhinia paint has also gradually strengthened its cooperation with real estate developers to provide comprehensive solutions for large real estate developers such as Vanke, poly, Evergrande, etc., from initial painting to recoating, to achieve one-stop service and achieve the goal of win-win for both sides

compared with the new decoration, the repainting pays more attention to the service rather than the product itself. In order to help the owner solve the problem of recoating construction, Bauhinia paint not only provides recoating and refreshing business, but also specially launches humanized decoration services and carries out professional training for the construction team. With superb technology and rich experience, they painted the walls 360 ° in an all-round way, and cleverly solved the problem of dead corners in the hard decoration of new houses

in order to enable more consumers to participate in "qimeiju" recoating, "qimeiju" launched five high-quality services: one-to-one supervision throughout the process, perfect shielding protection, professional dust-free polishing, professional airless spraying, and super long two-year warranty, so that consumers can experience the happiness of recoating conveniently and cheaply. And actively expand sales channels. Bauhinia Flower has deeply cultivated its franchised stores all over the country to expand the dealer team. At the same time, it has broken the traditional store sales and opened the Internet sales mode. It is reported that at present, there are more than 1600 exclusive stores of Bauhinia Flower in China, and there are more than 3000 sales points in addition to various non exclusive stores, covering prefecture level cities, counties and districts

mattex decorators took root in the imperial capital to help you rejuvenate your home

on March 11, 2016, prospective customers from Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Foshan visited the headquarters of mattex group to investigate and communicate about the "decorator" project; After two days of discussion and exchange, the two sides formally reached cooperation. The signing ceremony was grandly held in Shunde training college. The "decorator" project was successfully stationed in first tier cities in China

the "decorator · coating integration" of metus paint is to provide consumers with physical products and construction services of wall materials in the form of "labor and materials contracting", from building materials procurement to decoration maintenance

for coating enterprises, the one-stop coating service means the transformation from a single mode of selling products to a new business mode of selling services, which requires a complete industrial chain. In the process of expanding the heavy coating market, the "decorator" has always paid attention to the construction quality, the owner's experience during construction, after-sales service and other consumer pain points to create a gold medal reputation; At the same time, thanks to the accumulation of healthy brand image and the dealer network all over the country, under the premise of having inherent advantages, the decorators also spared no effort in channel construction and publicity, and successfully crossed the obstacles to the development of the secondary recoat market

duluxjiayitu's "one-stop" service has achieved a perfect transformation

as early as 2006, duluxjiayitu completed the genetic transformation from "product oriented" to "service-oriented" in duluxjiayitu's customer experience. Duluxjiayitu launched a "one-stop" service focusing on the wall construction required by consumers for wall effects, providing "one-stop" services for families. The so-called "one-stop" service means that customers can enjoy the "one-step" service. "Jiayitu" not only has a specially assigned person to test the wall surface, but also can recommend suitable wall paint products to match the wall color. All details during and after construction are also taken into consideration, including furniture movement, furniture shelter protection, wall treatment, paint construction, construction waste cleaning, furniture return, overall cleaning and other comprehensive matching services

from initially providing customers with professional color consulting services to solve customers' worries about home color matching to the now launched "one-stop" easy and convenient wall construction services for families, Dulux provides the most convenient choice for people pursuing quality of life

according to Dulux, the "jiayitu" wall construction service team is a professional construction team selected and certified by Dulux. The construction personnel will bring professional protective film to protect furniture and electrical appliances. During the construction, the "home easy coating" construction personnel will move furniture, shelter and protect electrical appliances, doors and windows, treat the bottom layer, construct emulsion paint, and take away all construction waste after the construction according to the standard workflow. Jiayi coating construction service is fast and convenient. Generally speaking, a house of 100 square meters can achieve perfect transformation in one day

Nippon refresh customizes one-stop home service

Nippon refresh provides appropriate product coating system according to personalized needs to create a "private customized" home space for each family and realize a "one-stop" brand new home. On March 3 this year, nipponpaintchina and tmall held an exclusive strategic cooperation media conference in Shanghai for the refresh service of "Nippon @ tmall, refresh tens of millions of happiness" and tmall home decoration. As the first step of this exclusive strategic cooperation, Nippon refresh service will be launched on tmall. Relying on Nippon's strong supply chain and perfect services, and relying on tmall's big data and platform resources, Nippon will actively create a new home decoration "o2o (Omni channel)" model combining online and offline, provide users with a one-stop home decoration overall solution, and comprehensively improve consumers' shopping experience

for this, Ericchung, President of Nippon China, said: "As a giant in the field of Internet e-commerce, tmall has the same foresight and observation as Nippon on economic transformation and the upgrading of consumption to service. Taking user thinking as the leading factor, tmall continues to integrate the home decoration supply chain and is committed to providing online and offline integrated solutions, which also coincides with Nippon's idea. Relying on the promotion of all enterprise products by tmall big data can help Nippon more accurately contact and serve consumers, At the same time, by virtue of the advantageous resources of tmall platform, Nippon will accelerate the nationwide layout of refreshing the service "o2o (Omni channel)" and the service branding with the coating industry. "

it is reported that the exclusive strategic cooperation between Nippon and tmall will no longer be limited to the simple mode of online trading and offline refreshing, but will reshape the home decoration consumption habits of young users, accelerate consumption upgrading, and boost the new service standards of the home decoration industry by providing a one-stop overall home decoration solution in the "Internet +" era

as early as 2014, Nippon China announced its transformation to a "comprehensive coating service provider" when it launched its brand upgrading plan. In the same year, Nippon refresh service carried out project cooperation with tmall. By refreshing the service, Nippon provides consumers with a full product system and a full coating system, and provides consumers with "a full range of customized coating services". By 2015, Nippon refresh service had covered 66 cities and refreshed happiness for more than 100000 families

there is a saying: in 2016, China's stock housing and old wall refresh market will enter a rapid explosive growth period

as an important step in the replacement of home decoration, from the current market environment, the recoating market has gradually matured, and more and more coating enterprises have begun to enter this market. However, in order to expand the recoating market, coating enterprises still need to ignite the demand of the recoating market and solve the pain points encountered by consumers in the recoating process. In the face of particularly important service issues, in the Internet + era, traditional coating enterprises have opened online services in combination with the Internet, a large number of Internet home decoration platforms have emerged, and a new round of secret warfare has also begun

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