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The new standard for plastic door and window profiles in China has been fully implemented.

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at present, China has become the largest producer and consumer of plastic doors and windows in the world. However, for a long time, in the process of production and marketing of plastic doors and windows, the industry has not been able to continue the rise of cobalt prices in China. 5. The oil box is the GB/T standard formulated in the 1990s. According to the actual situation of the production level of plastic doors and windows in China, this standard can no longer adapt to the current situation of the rapid development of plastic doors and windows industry. For this reason, the plastics branch of the National Technical Committee for product standardization revised this standard again and obtained the approval of relevant national departments

compared with the old standards, the new standards are greatly improved in line with international standards. The main differences are as follows: first, the bending elastic modulus of the profile is increased from the original 1960 standard quantity to 2200 standard quantity; Second, the profiles are classified according to the climate of the area where they are used. Among them, the drop hammer height of H-grade profile is increased from 1 m to 1.5 m under the condition that the drop hammer mass and hammer head radius remain unchanged. This means that the impact strength of the drop hammer is increased by 50%, so that the tolerance of the profile to the brittle failure in the specific climate area is greatly enhanced, and the safety of the plastic doors and windows is greatly improved; Thirdly, the aging resistance time of plastic profiles is prolonged. This is undoubtedly a revolutionary change in the quality requirements of plastic profiles. Once the product standard is met, the service life of plastic doors and windows will be greatly extended

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