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New technologies emerge repeatedly in the 5th polyurethane exhibition recently, at the 5th China International Polyurethane Exhibition (PU China 2004), more than 170 exhibitors showed the company's latest products to the best of their ability and released the latest trends and objectives. The scope of exhibits generally includes the latest products of polyurethane industry, the most advanced production and processing technology and equipment, the latest scientific research achievements, process technology and equipment in safety and environmental protection, the latest application progress of polyurethane materials to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the company, etc

it is understood that during the conference, the product technology seminar was the most eye-catching exchange platform for technology and new product release. The seminar is divided into four technical fields: soft foamed plastics, shoemaking materials, case (coating, adhesive, sealant, elastomer), hard foamed plastics, automotive materials, etc. Dow Chemical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.'s "Application of a new generation of high flame retardant flexible polyurethane foam in furniture and self skinning industries, making dormitories softer and more comfortable - memory, slow rebound polyurethane reduces noise foam due to the movement of smooth parts", and the report "Application of polyurethane elastomer in offshore industry and subsea oil fields" made by haibote company have been highly praised. In addition, heneki maruga Asia Private Co., Ltd., Ge Toshiba silicone, Bayer materials innovation group Asia Pacific region, KANGLONG Far East, etc. gave wonderful academic lectures. Visitors are very interested in the new foam technology with promising application and development prospects. They can ask their customers for some information, and the latest application fields of polyurethane

in addition, Bayer, Dow and other companies hope to hold new product release activities through the best platform of Western International Plastic Industry Exhibition in addition to seminars. For example, Bayer's Hongqiao Marriott Hotel released the company's "Application of new polyurethane rigid foam system in the construction industry" to all customers and business friends on September 1

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