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Huawei's intelligent distributed storage fusionstorage won the 2019interop Tokyo Gold Award

on June 12, the experiment can be automatically completed after 2019 interop sets the scheme. P at the Tokyo exhibition, after the review of authoritative IT experts in the industry, Huawei's new generation of intelligent distributed storage fusionstorage won the 2019 interop Tokyo gold award with the industry's first high performance, high reliability, high efficiency and other characteristics. 26. Power supply voltage: 220V (single-phase) fusionstorage enables distributed storage to meet the requirements of carrying enterprise key applications in terms of performance and time delay for the first time through Huawei Kunpeng chip and AI network

with the advent of 5g and AI era, the business of enterprises is becoming more and more diversified, posing higher challenges to the efficiency, performance and management of storage

fusionstorage, a new generation of intelligent distributed storage launched by Huawei, takes the lead in integrating AI into data lifecycle management through storage architecture innovation; For the first time, the four protocols of block, file, object and big data are integrated in a set of storage system to make storage more efficient; For the first time, the performance of distributed storage exceeds that of traditional high-end storage, meeting the key application needs of enterprises

after years of research and development, Huawei fusionstorage uninstalled the storage software function to Kunpeng 920 chip, increased IOPs by 20%, reduced storage delay by 15%, and improved single node performance to 168000 IOPs. At the same time, fusionstora's impact resistance has been improved by 10% (2) 0% Ge can tolerate 4 nodes or even cabinet failures at the same time to achieve business level high availability

as a new generation of intelligent distributed storage, fusionstorage brings users the experience of intelligent management, extreme efficiency and extremely high molecular material elongation, which is far better than that of metal, fiber, plate and other materials, and pushes the development of storage to a new level by redefining the storage architecture. At present, fusionstorage has been widely used in finance, operators, government utilities and other industries, cloud resource pools, key business databases, big data analysis and other enterprise key applications and emerging application scenarios

Zhou Yuefeng, vice president of Huawei's IT product line and President of intelligent data and storage, said:

human beings are entering the intelligent era of interconnected things, and data has become a new means of production. Massive amounts of data have brought unprecedented opportunities and great challenges to storage. Fusionstorage redefines distributed storage with intelligence, which makes the data storage efficiency of enterprises higher, the reading and writing performance stronger, and the operation and maintenance management simpler. It truly realizes one set of storage in one data center and releases greater data potential

in the future, we will continue to use innovative technology to serve customers in various industries around the world, help the industry with digital transformation, and release data value

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