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Huawei is the first to demonstrate that it has the ability to expand 40p B ultra large storage capacity

Huawei recently announced that its big data storage oceanstor 9000 can achieve the largest 40pb file system in the industry after comprehensive verification, which is another pioneering initiative in the industry after winning the champion of 5million Ops performance. Huawei's high-performance and high-capacity storage system will effectively cope with the impact of massive data in the era of big data and help industry customers achieve rapid business growth

ctiforum, May 8 (Liwenjie): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, recently announced that its big data storage oceanstor 9000 can achieve the industry's largest 40pb file system after comprehensive verification, which is equivalent to 40000 1TB hard disks. The super large capacity space can be managed by a file system at the same time, This is another industry-leading initiative of oceanstor 9000 big data storage after winning the champion of 5million OPS performance. At the same time, this verification was strongly supported by first-class partners in the industry such as Intel, Seagate and agiga tech

with the development of enterprises and the arrival of the era of big data, many industries hope to integrate and share data in order to mine greater data value in multiple independent applications and data islands, so they put forward very high requirements for the capacity of a single file system. For example, the construction of smart cities in China has made great strides into the HD era of 8mbps code stream, and the video storage capacity has reached 10 ~ 20pb; The data volume of Internet new media has also entered the era of centralized storage of tens of petabytes from terabytes; At present, China is promoting the construction of a national gene bank, which will build a gene data storage and analysis warehouse with a capacity of 50pb. It can be seen that in the era of big data, industry customers have shown a strong demand for Pb level unified namespace high-performance storage. The demonstration of 40pb single namespace of Huawei oceanstor 9000 big data storage system is just another great achievement guided by the actual needs of customers under this background

Picture Description: Huawei oceanstor 90 computer automatically collects data calculation results 00 40p B ultra large capacity demonstration cluster system

the realization of 40p B ultra large capacity benefits from the support of a number of innovative technologies: first, the distributed file system wushanfs independently developed by Huawei adopts an innovative metadata management method, so that the three aspects of system performance, reliability and scalability can be kept abreast of each other, truly realizing performance Capacity grows linearly, and data is stored reliably. Secondly, the introduction of Dynamic Hash table technology, directory dynamic subtree splitting technology, global consistency cache, RDMA over TCP and other interconnection technologies provides a technical guarantee for OCE. In addition, the pressure on each cavity of the multi cavity mold should be designed evenly, otherwise the product shrinkage of each cavity will not be 1, resulting in the linear growth of the performance of anstor 9000 after large-scale horizontal expansion. In addition, data isolation technology plans a large-scale cluster into multiple medium-sized storage spaces, which effectively solves the reliability problem of large fault domain and high failure probability after large-scale expansion of big data storage devices. The introduction of MapReduce design idea of cluster task splitting, concurrency and merging also minimizes the system pressure of large-scale cluster management

in the verification process of 40pb large-scale cluster, oceanstor 9000 shows its superior manageability and scalability. 288 node cluster deployment is completed in 60 minutes, and single node capacity expansion is completed in 1 minute. The whole process of graphical interface operation, capacity and performance linear expansion, can provide 40pb capacity and 200gb/s bandwidth at most

fanruiqi, President of Huawei's storage product line, said: the realization of 40p B ultra large capacity of oceanstor 9000 big data storage system can truly cope with the impact of data volume in the era of big data, and can better help industry customers achieve business growth. For example, it can support the simultaneous production of thousands of high-definition code streams in the media industry, and meet all the program production needs of global TV stations represented by CCTV; It can support the real-time video recording and parallel analysis of tens of thousands of 1080p cameras, and meet the full video monitoring needs of large and medium-sized smart cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and so on

Bev Clair, general manager of the storage department of Intel communications and storage infrastructure division, commented on this cooperation: the arrival of the big data era provides us with revolutionary opportunities and opportunities to help us solve historical business problems. Intel and Huawei have joined forces to continuously meet the needs of customers by developing technologies and tools for big data projects. Intel and Huawei have successfully completed the analysis of 40pb big data storage workload, which provides a reference for the commercial deployment of storage solutions in applications. We now have the ability to break today's capacity bottlenecks and meet customer needs. We will speed up the time to market and provide flexible and cost-effective solutions to meet the growing storage needs

Ms. sun Dan, global vice president of Seagate technology and general manager of China, said: the rapid growth of data in the era of big data has brought great challenges to customers' storage needs. From a single point of view, customers need larger and more stable storage media; From the perspective of storage system as a whole, a single file system with large capacity will have more practical application value and wider application scenarios for customers. This time, Huawei and several partners jointly verified the 40pb single file system, which was carried out under this background. Seagate is willing to significantly reduce the grinding temperature and work with Huawei to promote the R & D innovation and scheme promotion of big data storage technology

mr. Ron Sartore, CEO of agiga tech, commented that in the nearly three years of cooperation with Huawei, agiga tech and Huawei have maintained close cooperation in the process of introducing nvdimm technology into Huawei's servers and storage products. In the process of agiga tech Chengdu R & D center providing localized technical support to Huawei, we were lucky to see for the first time the unprecedented i/o performance that Huawei mass storage oceanstor 9000 series can provide as a landmark product, which is enough to cope with the heavy workload in the future. We will continue to maintain a close partnership with Huawei and are excited about the opportunity to apply nvdimm products based on DDR4 and future memory technology to Huawei products more widely

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