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Xinjiang Dongbao Refrigeration Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as the meat joint factory of Xinjiang Urumqi food company, has focused on food cold chain circulation for decades. At present, it integrates breeding, planting, agricultural products processing, cold chain warehousing and distribution, domestic and import and export trade, and business trade. Dongbao group ranks first in the national food cold chain industry and has been listed as a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization and a designated market of the Ministry of agriculture. At the same time, it undertakes the task of emergency commodity storage at the national, autonomous region and Urumqi levels, with a year-on-year increase of 35.8%. Over the years, under the care and guidance of Party committees and governments at all levels, it has made positive contributions to the economic prosperity of Urumqi and Xinjiang

in order to speed up the construction of modern agricultural products circulation system, adapt to the overall urban planning and achieve sustainable development, Dongbao Group invested in the construction of Haihong International Food Logistics Port Park in Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe District), with a planned land area of 500 mu, a total investment of 2billion yuan, a construction area of 600000 square meters, supporting 200000 ton cold chain storage and modern agricultural products exhibition and trading center, It is committed to building a modern food distribution center in Xinjiang. At present, the first phase of the project has been put into operation, with a construction area of 250000 square meters and supporting 100000 ton cold storage. Only the frozen food trading and distribution has covered the whole Xinjiang and the surrounding central and Western Asian countries, with an annual shipment of 500000 tons and a transaction volume of nearly 6billion yuan, accounting for more than 85% of the market share of the whole Xinjiang. The central computer room of Haihong international logistics port is one of its key construction projects

in the early stage of the construction project of Haihong International Logistics Port computer room, the customer hopes that the construction of the computer room can meet the following requirements:

the business can be quickly launched: the customer requires that voice broadcasting and video monitoring can be deployed in a short time to support the operation of Haihong International Logistics Port, so the new computer room carrying the business should be completed within one and a half weeks after meeting the installation conditions

simple management system, efficient and convenient maintenance: at present, customers have fewer professional computer room operation and maintenance personnel, which requires not only a unified system management platform, simplified management, convenient maintenance, but also simple, stable and reliable system operation

the machine room is beautiful, grand and beautiful: in recent years, customers' demand for visiting has increased. The original machine room has poor visiting effect because of its narrow layout and no glass curtain wall. The new machine room is required to have good visiting effect

Huawei quickly responded to customer needs and recommended the best data center solution in the industry. Huawei ID and the load can no longer rise. The S2000 modular data center solution has the characteristics of simplicity, reliability and efficiency, which exactly matches the requirements of the person in charge of the computer room for the construction of the data center

Huawei ids2000 modular data center solution adopts modular design from the overall architecture to sub components, standardized interfaces, and de engineering design, which greatly reduces the amount of work and engineering complexity, and helps enterprises quickly build a data center with excellent performance. Huawei ids2000 modular data center solution mainly has the following characteristics:

taking advantage of the modular architecture of the core power supply equipment ups5000e and the refrigeration and cabinet channel components in the host room, it realizes phased deployment and reduces the cost of one-time investment, which not only meets the existing business needs, but also matches the business development to realize the elastic expansion of the infrastructure layer

standardized components are prefabricated in the main machine room equipment factory, systematic factory testing, and integrated installation of standardized interfaces on the customer's site, which effectively reduces the reliability caused by construction. Most of these bonds are hydrogen bonding risks. The core components such as ups5000e and netcol5000a of precision air conditioner realize module level backup in design, effectively reducing the possibility of machine room downtime and ensuring uninterrupted business operation

the expansion of power supply equipment adopts power module hot plug, the expansion of host room equipment adopts module level replication, and the equipment installation method of standard interface decoupled from the project ensures that the whole expansion process is extremely simple, which perfectly matches the expansion needs of customers due to the continuous growth of business

the diversification of market demand in the plastic film blowing machine industry, the use of Huawei's efficient modular ups and DC variable-frequency air conditioners, the deployment of the near end refrigeration mode of row level air conditioners, and the air flow management mode of cold channel isolation have effectively reduced the pue of the whole machine room, which can save 30% of customers' electricity investment compared with the traditional scheme

reasonable layout of machine room functional zoning, high standard machine room decoration design and construction scheme, and localized professional after-sales service system make customers worry free

based on the above characteristics, the computer room of Haihong International Logistics Port, which is constructed by adopting modular deployment, effectively supports the operation of Haihong International Logistics Port and brings many conveniences to the logistics port, such as:

the power environment monitoring system of the computer room has unified view monitoring, simplified system management, and graphical interface, which improves the maintenance efficiency of operation and maintenance personnel and greatly reduces the maintenance complexity of operation and maintenance personnel

the computer room construction of Haihong International Logistics Port fully reflects that Huawei's solution capability is constantly improving after years of accumulation in the data center field. At present, Huawei has achieved the first market share in the world in the field of communication power supply and container data center, and modular ups and modular data center have also achieved the first proud achievement in the domestic market share, and have made major breakthroughs in telecom operators, IDC operators, finance, transportation, energy, government and other industries. Committed to safeguarding the core businesses of it and CT industries, Huawei will continue to increase investment in product research and development according to customer needs, help domestic users build high-performance and intelligent data centers, and inject a positive impact on the healthy development of China's data center industry

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