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Huawei joint broadband forum ob

[Berlin, Germany, October 24, 2018] during the 2018 broadband World Forum, Huawei, BBF (broadband Forum) and ob-baa (open Broadband - Broadband Access abstraction) community members jointly released the ob-baa version 1.0 prototype that meets the cloudco (Cloud Central Office) standard, It successfully demonstrated the automatic deployment of access devices, automatic service opening, and unified management of access devices from multiple manufacturers based on cloudco baa

bbf cloudco architecture standard provides a key standard reference for operators to reconstruct broadband network architecture, and is a key step towards cloud network. As the key technology of BBF cloudco, baa defines the access node management abstraction layer in the network cloud architecture, which enables the cloudco system to shield the differences between physical devices and access media, realize the rapid introduction of new devices and the automatic opening of services, and support the cloud evolution of operators' existing devices. Ob-baa has been widely concerned by the industry and has been actively participated and supported by more than 13 operators and equipment manufacturers

Robin Mersh, CEO of BBF broadband forum, said: BBF broadband forum is very satisfied with the cooperation results of ob-baa project. Huawei has participated in this open broadband project from the beginning and helped promote the completion of the first prototype of multi vendor cooperation. We are looking forward to the rapid completion of the first commercial deployment

as the vice chairman and code contributor of baa open source community, Huawei participated in the development of cloudco ob-baa version 1.0 prototype, and successfully released and demonstrated the prototype together with BBF and other ob-baa community members. The prototype includes baa's automatic deployment and business configuration of OLT and St DPU (distribution point unit) equipment, equipment upgrade and automatic synchronization based on Yang model, and common management of multi manufacturer equipment. This time, Huawei and BBF jointly released the BAA prototype for the first time in the industry, which fully verified the design concept and architectural advantages of BBF clou input related experimental parameters DCO standard, provided an important reference for the industry that cloudco can be quickly applied and deployed, made a useful exploration and contribution to the commercial deployment of cloud based on BBF standard, and also marked another step forward in the industrialization of cloudco

at the same time, Huawei actively participated in the cloudco standard verification test organized by BBF. In August 2018, it took the lead in completing the VRG (virtual residential gateway) business test based on the cloudco standard in BBF's open broadband Asian laboratory, Successfully verified and tested the advantages of VRG user self-service automatic industrial chain cooperation: the peer is the fire companion business opening function

as the joint leader of the BBF cloudco standards group, Huawei has actively promoted the standardization of cloudco, and has jointly issued cloudco architecture standards with nearly 20 operators and equipment manufacturers in the world, providing an important standard contribution to the future network architecture. Based on the value proposition of zhijianluo, Huawei will continue to actively contribute to standards organizations and industrial organizations. This process has the advantages of short production process, high efficiency, high single-layer rate of products, low cost, green production process and environmental protection. It will work together with the whole industry to promote the industrialization of cloudco

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