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Huawei joins the European 5g Architecture Research Alliance

recently, Huawei officially joined the European 5g Promotion Organization (5gpp) phase II 5g Architecture Research Alliance (5g monarch) to jointly develop 5g mobile communication network architecture and related solutions with the industry. In this alliance, Huawei has led the design of 5g network architecture based on network slices for the flexibility and programmability of network architecture

The biggest feature of the 5g system is that it can support diverse industry scenarios and flexibly match the differentiated performance and functional requirements of different industry scenarios. That is, 5g should not only support traditional mobile broadband services, but also enable new mobile broadband services and industry services through network slicing, such as smart factory, car service, etc. This is crucial for the sustainable development of the telecommunications ecosystem. Therefore, network slice is the core feature of 5g architecture

as a result, the European 5g Promotion Organization (5gpp) funded and led the second phase of the 5g architecture promotion project, and established a 5g architecture research alliance jointly established by 14 leading industrial and academic institutional partners. It aims to design a flexible and adaptable architecture to enable 5g applications in a variety of typical industries, and demonstrate relevant research and technological innovation through advanced test platforms

5g monarch's main innovation projects include the support of cloud based protocol stack, and cross network slicing company also focuses on the control and management of these two fields, as well as the proof of concept based on the experimental bed drive; And further optimize the safe, reliable and elastic network function design. In this alliance, Huawei has led the design of a flexible and adaptive 5g network architecture with the continuous rise of the tensile curve, and will import it into the 5g monarch test platform for demonstration

Huawei has been deeply involved in the 5g monarch project as early as the first phase of 5gpp. It is a core member of many projects, such as the 2020 information society wireless communication project (metis-ii), 5g millimeter wave wireless access project (mmmagic), 5g flexible air interface support scalable service project (fantasti is c-5g that cannot be compared with the experimental machine using other processors), 5g cross domain switching project (5g-ex), and so on

at present, in addition to 5g monarch, Huawei also actively participates in several 5g PPP second-order projects. A part of the dirty dirt with the flow accumulates at the bottom of the fuel tank, including 5g car connect innovation research project (5gcar), 5g new air port coverage edge end-to-end experience optimization project (one5g), 5g programmable infrastructure project integrating network and computing resources (5g picture), 5g network service and application standardization research and verification platform project (5gtango). Through joint research on a global scale, 5g has laid the technical foundation, promoted the global standardization process of 5g, and promoted the overall development of 5g industry

Zhou Hong, President of Huawei European Research Institute, said: network slicing is not only the realization of technology, but also has revolutionary significance in the telecom ecosystem, and will realize the vision of 5g changing society. The European 5g monarch alliance takes the network slice as the core of its flexible adaptive architecture design. We will work together to shape the future of wireless

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