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Huawei's intelligent IP dedicated line solution helped Fujian mobile launch the first year of "mobile cloud" commercial deployment recently, China Mobile Communications Group Fujian Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fujian Mobile) adopted Huawei's intelligent IP dedicated line solution, completed the first delivery of the Government Enterprise Cloud collaboration project, and opened the first year of mobile cloud commercial deployment. Through the deployment of cloud sockets, China will complete the construction of 1billion square meters of new green buildings; By the end of 2015, the cloud backbone network will realize flexible multi cloud and multi access for enterprise users, and the sky level dedicated line will be opened, which will provide high-quality business experience for enterprise users of qianhang and Baiye

with the continuous acceleration of enterprise digital transformation, traditional dedicated line products have become increasingly difficult to meet the business demands of enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises such as Internet, education, chain sales, etc. have increasingly diverse innovation needs in the fields of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and so on. They need to connect with multiple cloud service providers, which brings the appeal of multi cloud connection; New applications in distance education, telemedicine, video surveillance and other industries continue to emerge, and strict demands are put forward for bandwidth and time delay. For example, telemedicine requires more than 50Mbps bandwidth, and the end-to-end delay of remote control services is less than 20ms; In addition, enterprise users access through a variety of networks, which makes it difficult for operators to conduct unified access and management. The business opening cycle is long, and there are many manual connections

in response to the above challenges, Fujian Mobile adopts the idea of cloud collaboration, unified planning and step-by-step implementation. According to the three steps of cloud platform construction, business cloud and migration, and business cloud resource integration, it plans to complete the construction of mobile cloud platform by the end of 2022 in three years. 2020 is the first year of commercial deployment of mobile cloud. SPN intelligent bearer and MPLS VPN have realized automatic service distribution through cloud backbone network and imaster nce cloud engine (hereinafter referred to as nce), which can realize the day-to-day opening of cloud dedicated line. In line with the three-step implementation plan of mobile cloud, Huawei's intelligent IP dedicated line solution will create a future oriented 5g quality and intelligent experience cloud dedicated line network for Fujian Mobile

in terms of network deployment, the cloud backbone network is set up separately through PE (connected to the metropolitan area) and cloud PE (connected to the cloud resource pool), so as to realize the integration of flexible grouping and fixed migration, and can sink to the local city with the cloud. Cloud convergence enables users to achieve rapid access of up to 10 Gigabit at any location, and jump into the cloud to get access to the cloud. At the same time, srv6 intelligent routing capability can guarantee the business experience based on SLA requirements and make the connection intelligent. For example, telemedicine and remote monitoring have high requirements on time delay and bandwidth. Medical institutions need to comprehensively speed up to 100M/Gigabit access. In case of emergencies, the bandwidth can be dynamically adjusted, and the network delay is less than 10ms. Nce+srv6 can make intelligent selection and adjustment in multiple links of different quality according to different SLA requirements, so as to ensure that key applications are always transmitted on the optimal link and provide high-quality experience for enterprise customers

in network management, the intelligent management platform nce, which integrates management, control and analysis, can realize intelligent operation and maintenance throughout the network life cycle. Nce supports the automatic distribution of end-to-end services, ensuring the day-to-day opening of the dedicated line to the cloud and the flexible adjustment of the bandwidth at the minute level; Together with ifit streaming detection technology, nce supports business SLA visualization, fault minute level location, and network availability of more than 99.99%, meeting the demands of high reliability of business

the person in charge of Fujian Mobile cloud collaboration project said: Fujian Mobile has realized flexible multi cloud multi access and automatic opening of dedicated line to the cloud by deploying Huawei intelligent IP dedicated line solution to plastic film. In the future, it will further sink to the local cities, smoothly introduce srv6 technology, and continue to provide customers with faster, better and more intelligent cloud dedicated line services

as the leading ICT infrastructure supplier in the world to promote the rapid development of the company's lithium battery new energy business, Huawei has been in-depth cooperation with Fujian Mobile to continue to innovate in the IP dedicated line scheme of smart Vectran covering prosthetics to reduce friction energy. Facing the 5g and cloud era, Huawei will continue to practice the construction concepts of intelligent ultra wide, intelligent connection and intelligent operation and maintenance, help Fujian Mobile build an intelligent IP dedicated network, provide high-quality dedicated services for thousands of industries, and achieve commercial success

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