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Huawei innovatively launched the park facility cloud service to realize the new mission of low-carbon and green in the park

during the Huawei China ecological conference 2021, Huawei held a smart Park summit with the theme of practicing the dual carbon strategy and jointly creating a new era in the park. At the meeting, more than 600 participating enterprises, industry experts and industry partners gathered together to explore the path of innovation in the smart Park and seek common industrial development

Zhang Wenlin, President of the strategy Department of Huawei, delivered a speech. Yin Bo, deputy general manager of China Academy of Building Sciences, Li Zhenyu, former dean of the school of architecture and urban planning of Tongji University, Qiu Wen, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shenzhen Bay science and Technology Development Co., Ltd Zhu Jun, general manager of Greentown China brand marketing center and Greentown ideal life, highlighted its leading system expertise in developing and implementing mass production ready processes for fiber-reinforced lightweight structures, and Su Baohua, President of Huawei smart park business department, attended the summit and delivered keynote speeches

buildings and parks are the main battlefield to realize the dual carbon strategy

the solution behind dual carbon is to check whether the equipment cannot be moved after 15s (time), which is not only a problem of climate, energy security, but also a problem of the right to development. From a series of data, we find that as the basic unit of the city, buildings and parks will be the main battlefield for China to realize the dual carbon strategy

China Building Energy Conservation Association disclosed that the total construction volume increased rapidly from 46.9 billion square meters to 68.8 billion square meters from 2010 to 2020; The total energy consumption of buildings in the whole life cycle is 2.147 billion tons of standard coal, accounting for 46.5% of the country; The total carbon emission of buildings in the whole life cycle is 4.93 billion tons of carbon dioxide, accounting for 51.3% of the country

according to the calculation of our world in data, the world emitted 59.1 billion tons of CO2 in 2019, of which industrial energy accounted for 24.2%, transportation energy accounted for 16.2%, and building energy accounted for 17.5%. The carbon emission of buildings was second only to industrial production activities before transportation

from the perspective of parks, the output value of Enterprises above Designated Size accounts for 90% of the total output value of all industrial enterprises in China, and the operation and production of such large enterprises basically take place in parks

therefore, the implementation of the dual carbon strategy around buildings and parks will become the focus of the hot spots

Huawei innovated and launched the park facility cloud service

the demand of the station further expanded to the economic field. At a new starting point in the digital era, the low-carbon era has put forward new requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection in the park to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization, and science and technology should play a core supporting role

Huawei converges ICT technology, combines it with low-carbon carbon reduction, and innovatively launches the park facility cloud service to make the operation of equipment and facilities more efficient and intelligent:

the system is always new, the equipment availability is 99.9%

centralized operation, and the manpower is reduced by 50%. In addition to the manufacturer chaobiao of Milacron uniloy, ossberger and Aoki machinery,

equipment energy conservation, energy consumption is reduced by 20%

automatic inspection, and the failure rate is reduced

facing the future, Huawei is willing to work with its customers and partners to make progress, continue to cultivate, and cooperate comprehensively to build a safe, green, and smart future park and create a new era for the park

let's work together to bring the digital world into each park and make wisdom within our reach

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