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Huawei intelligent lossless data center network took the lead in passing the new industry standard

at the 2019 open data center summit, Huawei AI fabric intelligent lossless data center network, with its network performance of zero packet loss, low delay and high throughput, took the lead in obtaining the "data center lossless network test report" issued by the China Academy of information and communications (hereinafter referred to as the China Academy of information and communications), once again highlighting the leadership of AI fabric, Lead the industry to develop towards intelligent non-destructive networks

the "data center non-destructive network test report" was tested and certified by the China Academy of communications and communications according to the latest released "Bayer materials technology will be non-destructive network test specification for three theme exhibition areas of automobile, footwear and architecture". The nondestructive network testing specification is a new industry standard jointly formulated by the open data center committee (odcc) in the process of plastic extrusion and many industry partners such as China Academy of communications technology, Baidu, meituan, Chinatelecom, China Mobile, Huawei, Shengke and other manufacturers

in order to meet the performance demands of new data center business scenarios such as AI applications, distributed storage, cloud HPC, lossless network has been approved by many players in the industry. This test specification defines the test scenario and performance prediction of non-destructive network through industrial collaboration, aggregating the strength of the entire industrial chain, such as industry organizations, customers, equipment manufacturers, chip manufacturers, etc., and effectively promotes the industrial development of non simultaneous removal of test piece fragments. As one of the advocates of lossless network, Huawei has deeply participated in the formulation of test specifications

lossless networking is the evolution direction of data center technology and industry. We are glad that Huawei can participate in the formulation of this test specification. We believe that the release of the test specification will benefit the whole industry. Based on this test specification, we are also very honored to pass the independent and strict test certification of China Academy of communications technology, which is another recognition of Huawei AI fabric by industry authorities

Zhang Bai, vice president of Huawei data center network field

Huawei AI fabric intelligent lossless network realizes the extreme network performance of zero packet loss, low delay and high throughput through the built-in AI chip and ilossless intelligent lossless switching algorithm set in cloudengine, and gives full play to AI computing power. Huawei AI fabric has wide application value in many business scenarios such as distributed storage, AI application training and cloud HPC. It can improve the IOPs performance of distributed storage by more than 30%, and greatly improve the efficiency of AI application training and cloud HPC computing tasks. Huawei AI fabric is an innovative solution that conforms to the development of the times, accelerates the efficiency of data computing and storage, and helps enterprises realize the rapid innovation of new business applications such as AI, big data analysis, intelligent computing, etc

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