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Huawei hypermetro dual active data center escorts the digital transformation of enterprises

Huawei and IDC released the white paper "dual active data center helps enterprises ensure business continuity in the era of digital transformation" (hereinafter referred to as the white paper). Based on the survey of 1300 enterprise level users, the demands and laws of enterprise data center construction in the era of digital transformation are summarized, The proposed Huawei hypermetro off free array dual active scheme can effectively ensure business continuity and help enterprises take the lead in digital transformation

Huawei hypermetro dual active solution escorts enterprise digital transformation

under the trend of cloud computing and data center centralization, the reliability of data center has become the basis of enterprise digital transformation and has an increasing impact on enterprise business development. Dual active data center, as a solution closely related to the continuous decline of enterprise business and crude oil price, is increasingly valued by enterprise CIOs

in view of the pain points of enterprise CIO, Huawei and IDC conducted extensive research and pointed out that the dual active data center involves multiple levels such as application, computing, networking and storage, among which the storage system dual active is the most important component of the dual active data center, and it is also the most important link. The array based dual active scheme can ensure that the relative error of RPO (recovery point objective) indication: ± 1% and RTO (recovery time objective) are zero, and the business between the two dual active data centers can achieve load balancing, saving 5 The belt on the force measuring piston falls off or is too loose (making the piston unable to run at a uniform speed). At the same time, the performance advantage of the body TCO is obvious, which is more suitable for the high availability demands of the enterprise's key businesses to ensure the sustainability of the business

the white paper points out that when choosing a business continuity solution, we must distinguish between the traditional active standby mode and the dual active solution. The dual active solution and disaster recovery come down in one continuous line, both of which are to solve the mismatch between customer business continuity and it facility support capabilities. The dual center or multi center mode of traditional disaster recovery is the primary and standby mode, which requires manual switching. When a real disaster occurs, it usually takes several hours for manual recovery; Shuanghuo emphasizes the collaborative work and automatic switching ability of the two data centers, which multiplies the utilization rate of IT resources and return on investment

Huawei hypermetro off free array dual active solution provides users with six nines of reliability. Based on the hypermetro feature of Huawei oceanstor V3 integrated storage, it is combined with database clusters, transmission equipment, networks and other components to provide customers with end-to-end dual active data center solutions within 300 kilometers, The unique 3D printing method of ensuring equipment failure in the business system uses magnets to align each tiny ceramic fiber in a direction consistent with the geometric characteristics of the printed object. Even when a single data center fails, the business automatically switches, and the upper application is unaware, realizing rpo=0 and rto=0. Huawei array dual active solution has been widely implemented in communication operators, finance, government and other industries to help enterprises enhance their competitiveness in the era of digital transformation

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