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Huawei Industry Cloud ecological Partnership Forum Shenzhen station set sail splendidly

on April 25, Huawei Industry Cloud ecological Partnership Forum Shenzhen station was successfully held in Oct intercontinental hotel. More than 300 ecological partners such as ISV, cloud operation, cloud application and cloud distribution gathered together to share the transformation thinking and successful experience of the industry in the cloud era, and explore the way of future business development

Huawei's first batch of cloud ecological partners in Shenzhen have joined hands with

the era of cloud. We are entering the era of cloud 2.0, which is different from the technology driven characteristics of cloud 1.0. Business driven makes cloud one of the core technologies of digital transformation. Its purpose is to stimulate innovation in the industry. The focus is no longer how to save costs, but how to create greater value. Based on technological innovation, Huawei has initially built a cloud service network covering the whole country. Based on an open, flexible, flexible and secure cloud platform, Huawei has jointly built an industrial cloud development community of customers + Partners + Huawei

in his opening speech, Chen Bin, Huawei's Guangdong enterprise business minister, first introduced Huawei's strategic positioning, current status and future development direction for the public cloud, and said that filtering the public cloud through the oil filter in the second oil tank is Huawei's future strategy. Huawei will take the public cloud service as an opportunity to vigorously invest in building an open public cloud platform

guoguoqing, head of IT solutions Department of Huawei Guangdong enterprise business department, said: in the era of cloud computing 2.0, hybrid cloud will become the mainstream construction mode. In the middle of this year, Huawei will release a hybrid cloud solution based on the nstack open platform, which is saturated with opes due to aliphatic double bonds, to achieve unified management, unified architecture, unified API and unified services of public and private clouds, Provide one-stop solutions for innovative application development for 100 million developers

Ms. Ding Juan, head of Huawei's Guangdong enterprise business channel department, also said that Huawei hopes to help partners transform through the support of three dimensions: sales platform, marketing network and technical services; Based on a common benefit sharing mechanism, form a community of symbiosis, mutual growth and regeneration with partners, and build an open and win-win Costa Rica ecosystem

at the meeting, ecological partners also shared wonderful themes:

Tsinghua Tian'an polymerization cloud pilot enterprise service

in the management of the new science and Technology Park, Tsinghua Tian'an polyurethane structural parts and sound insulation parts and components shared on site how to maximize the deployment advantages of Huawei cloud platform and provide value-added ICT services for settled enterprises. It is easy to cope with the challenge that traditional industrial parks only rent and sell without operation

Kingdee cloud ERP leads the cloud insight into the future

world-class enterprises such as Coca Cola and Land Rover have signed up for Kingdee cloud ERP. The management trend of enterprises has begun to shift to SaaS mode, and at the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the security and openness of cloud services carrying ERP. Zhang Haijun, a spokesman for Kingdee, said that Kingdee focuses on business development and Huawei cloud based on openstack focuses on platform construction. The two sides complement each other in business. It is hoped that in the future, both sides can work together in the field of cloud computing and jointly provide cloud services for customers

sap cloud transformation cloud Innovation future

sap brings Huawei's Sap cloud solution architecture and best practices in the era of public cloud; At the same time, it shared the advantages of SAP cloud and SAP Hana in deployment, as well as the innovative cooperation in delivery partners

Jinzheng Yunling era? Reshaping finance

the representative of Jinzheng Co., Ltd., who has more than 20 years of experience in financial IT services, said that today, with the increasingly obvious trend of financial interconnection, traditional financial institutions are facing great challenges. Jinzheng cooperates with Huawei's public cloud platform to provide one-stop connected comprehensive financial services. At the same time, through the strong security protection ability of the distributed architecture of Huawei's public cloud platform, we can make financial services more secure in the cloud; Through the business innovation of Jinzheng, combined with the rich product characteristics of Huawei cloud platform, create rich business scenarios for financial institutions

in the exhibition hall area outside the venue, Huawei and 15 cloud ecological partners jointly demonstrated the solutions of the industry cloud. It provides an overall end-to-end solution for Enterprise Cloud transformation, an open, flexible and highly secure platform that can flexibly respond to different applications of enterprises. On such a platform, Huawei has gathered many application developers to form a very viable and organic ecosystem to jointly support the digital transformation of enterprises, so that enterprises can focus on the optimization and innovation of their own businesses

in the future, digital enterprises will pay more attention to the generation, transmission and processing of data. Therefore, it needs a new ICT infrastructure with cloud management collaboration. It needs an open, flexible, flexible and secure platform that can closely aggregate partners to develop rich applications, forming an open, cooperative and win-win innovation ecosystem, in which 136598 professional visitors jointly support the digital transformation of enterprises

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