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Huawei converged communication solutions make communication more efficient

Huawei converged communication solutions integrate voice, video, data, instant messaging and other business capabilities, meet the full range of applications from Soho studio to super large enterprises, such as IP voice, mobile office, remote collaboration, and build a good internal and external communication and collaboration platform for enterprise customers, achieve efficient collaboration, and help improve business performance

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Huawei integrated communication solution has the following characteristics:

first, integration and collaboration, efficient office

multimedia integration, simple and easy-to-use

multi service integration, efficient communication: integration of voice, video, instant messaging, status presentation, group, enterprise address book, web conference and other capabilities, You can easily access the business and services of Huawei's integrated communication system, whether on the office desktop or in the conference room, hotel, home or customer site

the client interface is simple, intuitive and easy to use: users can easily access the integrated communication application through the PC client or the client, and can easily switch between various communication modes such as message, voice, video and multimedia conference, so as to have a consistent experience of multiple terminals, effectively improving the user's communication experience and office efficiency

carry information with you and communicate at any time: two clients with the same account can log in at the same time. Historical information, messages and offline messages can be pushed actively, ensuring the consistency of information and the continuity of communication

audio and video data fusion, efficient collaboration

audio and video fusion, real communication experience: through the integration of different terminals, PC, IP phone and video phone can be connected to multimedia conference at the same time, and data sharing can be carried out conveniently in the conference. Employees in different regions can communicate face-to-face with colleagues/partners/customers around the world through multimedia conferences anytime, anywhere, saving travel costs and communication costs

data fusion, strengthen team collaboration: through the sharing of documents, PC desktops, electronic whiteboards or media files, participants can quickly capture key information and improve communication efficiency. At the same time, efficient conference collaboration can also be achieved through asynchronous browsing. Participants can browse the content before and after the document freely without limiting the speed of the speaker, so as to have a fuller grasp of the required information. Web based collaboration or the ability caused by pointer looseness and displacement extends team collaboration to the outside and grows together with partners or customers

high quality communication, zero distance collaboration

introduce advanced technology to improve the clarity of voice and video, and ensure that users can communicate smoothly even when the network quality is slightly poor

using opus dynamic encoding and decoding and the unique netbrain voice intelligent computing technology, the integrated communication system dynamically adjusts the transmission bandwidth according to the network quality, and can still provide high-quality audio and video experience even when the packet loss rate is as high as 20%. 48K full band speech codec is adopted to provide users with pure sound quality

provide full HD video terminal 8950, and support server-side video conferencing. Through the interaction with pc/client, we can realize efficient video conference

second, mobile office, flexible work

the client realizes the mobility of enterprise communication applications, and ensures the security of information through data encryption

through the client, it is convenient to dial and answer any and initiate meetings, save phone charges and reduce mobile office costs; The enterprise address book in your pocket can quickly search and view contact information and current status; Support rich media message sharing, such as voice clips, video clips, pictures and graffiti; You can access the conference remotely, view the content shared by PC clients, and don't miss any important meetings

III. redundant backup, multiple protection, safe and reliable

multiple reliability, ensuring communication continuity: support local dual computers, redundant backup; N+1 cluster, load sharing; Support voice dual Center disaster recovery, and branch customs provide voice local regeneration capability; It can simulate user access and support local self switching

multi level protection to ensure communication security: end-to-end signaling, media and data encryption; Multiple user authentication and authorization mechanisms to ensure the legitimacy of user access and make it an environment-friendly "green product"; Address book access control to ensure the information security of sensitive users

fourth, open integration helps business agility

Huawei integrated communication system is an open platform that provides eight categories of atomized APIs and scenario APIs. Customers can customize personalized interfaces, and also embed communication applications into business processes. Users can send messages directly in the business process, view the address book and user status, initiate calls and meetings, etc., accelerate the processing speed and efficiency of the business, improve business performance from the process, and transform the communication ability into productivity

at the same time, it supports docking with third-party systems such as Microsoft lync to realize the expansion of audio and video capabilities and multimedia services

v. smart and simple management, reduce operation and maintenance costs

lightweight platform, simplify deployment: one click installation and deployment, unified business distribution, support the rapid delivery of projects, and help the enterprise business to market quickly

unified management, simpler maintenance: web-based graphical management tools, unified management of the whole equipment and power off, business monitoring and upgrade maintenance, reduce network management investment and OPEX

smooth expansion, protect customer investment: Based on professional system architecture and highly reliable software platform, through cluster and virtualization deployment, support the smooth expansion of business, and meet the rapid development needs of enterprise business

Huawei's converged communication solution is user-centered and focuses on user experience. It builds an efficient, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain converged communication system for customers through mobile office, convenient collaboration mode, safe and reliable system and easy converged platform

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