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Huawei and 21vianet released China's largest SDN commercial network

ctiforum on September 5 (Li Wenjie): Huawei and 21vianet, China's largest telecommunications neutral third-party interconnection infrastructure service provider, jointly released China's largest SDN (Software Defined Network) commercial network on September 4. Through joint innovation with Huawei in the field of SDN and the deployment of Huawei's agile data center network solutions (mainly including ce12800 data center switches and agile controllers), 21vianet has achieved an overall improvement in the business efficiency of its cloud computing data center: business one click deployment, and the online efficiency is increased by 10 times; The system is open and programmable, and the business innovation cycle is shortened from half a year to one month; The path is automatically optimized, and the link bandwidth utilization is increased from 50% to 80%

21vianet is the largest telecom neutral third-party Internet infrastructure service provider listed on NASDAQ in the United States. It provides services to more than 3000 well-known enterprise customers, operates and manages more than 80 distributed data center facilities in more than 40 cities across the country, and has more than 15000 cabinets and more than 500 network nodes. Most of the customers of 21vianet are Internet customers, and the industry competition is fierce. The rapid launch of business is very important to customers. However, the traditional cloud computing system is weak in network flexibility, resulting in a long online cycle of cloud services in the data center, which hinders rapid business innovation. At the same time, with the continuous and rapid growth of customer business, 21vianet is also constantly exploring ways to improve the utilization of network links, so as to provide more customers with consistent high-quality network services

based on the above demands, 21vianet launched strategic cooperation with Huawei to jointly develop SDN innovation solutions. At present, 21vianet has deployed Huawei's agile data center network solution (mainly including Huawei ce12800 data center switch and agile controller) in its eight large data centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan and other businesses that can cover the whole country, and has built the largest SDN commercial network of data centers in China. In the future, the SDN scheme of (2) measuring sample size with vernier caliper will be extended to 80 large data centers in more than 40 cities of 21vianet, and the scale of SDN commercial network will also be in the forefront of the world. In addition, based on the open programmable system of Huawei's agile data center network, the two sides jointly developed the agile te solution based on SDN, which realizes the flexible interconnection and traffic optimization between multiple data centers, and can quickly issue new services to their customers

the SDN innovation scheme jointly developed by 21vianet and Huawei can comprehensively improve the business efficiency of 21vianet cloud computing data center, which is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

rapid business launch: 10 times faster from 10 days to 1 day. 21vianet has fully deployed Huawei's agile data center network solution, realizing the automation from business requirements to network deployment. When opening cross data center businesses, administrators can carry out one click operations, network agile planning, rapid resource construction, and automatic business distribution to multiple data centers to realize cloud following. Based on the rapid deployment of agile controller, the cross data center business opening speed of 21vianet has been shortened from 10 days to 1 day, with an increase of 10 times

business agile Innovation: launch new applications quickly in 6 to 1 months. The agile controller and ce12800 of Huawei's agile data center network solution provide industry-leading fully programmable and open capabilities, and support software defined networks. Based on the rich open interfaces of the OPS (open programmability system) system of the agile data center, 21vianet can quickly customize new business templates through software, so that business requirements can be quickly customized to meet customers' all-round personalized needs. When a customer applies for a new business template, if it involves changes in the network mechanism, 21vianet can also quickly customize and distribute it

efficient network operation: 50% to 80%, and the link utilization rate has been greatly improved. The agile data center network also helped 21vianet significantly improve resource utilization and provide services to more customers. Through the centralized control of agile controller, the administrator can globally schedule and optimize the network resources of multiple data centers, and the link utilization between data centers is increased from 50% to 80%. At the same time, it has refined SLA services and bandwidth assurance

Ma Jingping, vice president of 21vianet 2 and President of tension testing machine configuration of Jinan experimental machine factory, said that 21vianet is committed to becoming the most respected Chinese enterprise in the field of Internet infrastructure. By building a new generation of Internet infrastructure that is more open and innovative, it can provide customers with better services and achieve customers. The successful commercial application of SDN in 21vianet is the largest SDN commercial network application example in China that needs to further investigate the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials in real fires. We are pleased to have comprehensive and good cooperation with Huawei in the field of data center SDN, and successfully commercialize the innovative achievements of both sides. We hope that these innovations can improve the efficiency of network operation, promote the rapid delivery and listing of business, further improve the user experience, and create more value for our customers

Yu Li, vice president of Huawei's switch and enterprise communication product line, said that Huawei and century new materials industry, as the leading industry of the national economy, have in-depth and good cooperation in the field of cloud computing data center. The successful commercial use of century Internet SDN network is currently the largest SDN network in China, which can effectively support its strategy and business development needs, and also has important milestone significance in the industry. As a leading global provider of information and communication solutions, Huawei is willing to work with customers to explore, open up and innovate, and build an end-to-end solution advantage in the fields of network and cloud computing. Through the all-round openness of Huawei's agile data center solution, any enterprise can easily embrace SDN, quickly launch new businesses, meet the rapid development needs of enterprises, and achieve business success. Agile has come

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